What is cymothoa exigua?


There are many different types of parasites in the world today.

What is cymothoa exigua?

There are many different types of species in the world today.It can seem unbelievable to us when we know about so much.So we are going to talk about a creature.There are different types of parasites in the world.They have different shapes and characteristics.Cymothoa exigua is a parasite found in the body of fish.

Tongue-eating louse

It enters through the fish's gills and feeds on the fish's tongue, where it settles instead.It is also called tongue-eating louse.This parasite belongs to the Cymothoidae family.

life of cymothoa exigua

He becomes monstrous in appearance and action.Juvenile males enter through the fish's gills.The fish's tongue is firmly pressed with its hind legs.They have seven pairs of legs.Then they bite the tongue of the fish.They drink all the blood that comes from this wound.They perform this process using 5 sets of jaws.They have special tubes in their mouths to drain blood and drink.As this process continues, the fish's tongue muscles atrophy.

Cymothoa exigua danger

As the blood dries up, the tongue becomes dead and causes it to fall off.When a fish's tongue is cut, fishes experience excruciating pain.At this point all the fish can do is bear it helplessly.The parasite then attaches to the remaining part of the severed tongue to form the fish's new tongue.They then live by eating fish mucus, blood, and the remnants of food eaten by fish.The fish then have to carry these parasites as artificial tongues until they die.They are the only parasites that function in this way.No other parasite in the world is able to disable the host's body organ and turn itself into an organ.This distinguishes them from other parasites.

How dangerous is this parasite?
Does it bite?

Sometimes this parasite will bite if you try to separate it from the host.Otherwise, this parasite is not dangerous.

It does not harm humans.It is commonly found south of the Gulf of California.Many people do not understand what this parasite is when they first see it.At first it was thought that the fish had contracted some kind of disease.

This parasite was discovered for the first time

Female parasites are about 1 inch long and males about half that length.These parasites target snapper fish.Parasites that start life as males then change sex and become females as they grow.This parasite was discovered in June.They are thought to have been first spotted in Suffolk, UK, from imported fish.The imported cargo was rejected by the Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority and shipped back to the country of origin.The parasite was previously seen in the UK in 2014 and 2015.In later observations, there are reports of them being seen in many fish.Experts say that they are occasionally seen in mackerel fish.

Different and amazing

New generation people call this type of organism as psycho organism.Their nature is the reason for this name.Reproduction of these different organisms also takes place differently.Female parasites in fish mouths reproduce with the help of male organisms.The newly hatched juveniles go in search of other prey fish.During this journey they find the perfect fish for them.These enter the fish through their gills.The parasite then bites the fish's tongue.And so the tongue perishes.This parasite has gotten in there.This creature then acts as the fish's tongue.And so the life cycle of this organism continues like this.When the fish that the parasites live on die, they separate from the fish's tongue and travel in search of other fish.There are 40 species of these parasites.

Cymothoa exiguas

They are more common in the Atlantic.This parasite is sometimes seen when buying fish from the store.But there are no reports of harming humans yet.They are usually found only in fish.They do not enter the human body.Some have placed it among the wonders of nature.Others see it as a monstrous creature.Others say that this species is not dangerous, that no fish die because of this species, that nature needs this species, that different species like this must be maintained, or that they face extinction.

Why does this parasite not reach humans?

Human tongues are not like fish tongues.Human tongues are stronger, more muscular, more flexible, and more mobile than those of fish.It helps humans to speak, taste food, eat food and make various sounds.A fish tongue is different from all these.A fish's tongue is a soft, less mobile tongue that protrudes from the base of the mouth.This tongue helps the fish to eat.Apart from that, the tongue of fish does not have any other qualities worth mentioning.Fish have a different body and way of life from humans.This parasite enters the body through the gills of the fish.When fish was cooked and served in a supermarket, the fish had this parasite in its mouth.The cook did not notice this.This caught the attention of the diners and it later became a big issue.A case was filed against the supermarket and compensation was demanded.People are not harmed by this creature, so compensation is not required.Then the food is served in that supermarket after very careful checks while cooking the food.

Parasite growth

The body of the parasite rapidly enlarges when it becomes the tongue of the fish.After that, the mate joins and gives birth to the new generation.The gestation period is very short.After they mature a little, they set out in search of prey and mates.New prey is detected by smell.

what is Cymothoa exigua

And so begins the wait for the victim.This parasite lurks as the fish approaches.A fish jumps up when it gets the right opportunity.It then enters the fish through the fish's gills.Then the fish lives there until it dies.This parasite does not die when the fish dies.It detaches from the tongue.It is not yet clear whether it will spread to other fish or not.Studies on this are ongoing.Some experts claim that these parasites may be traveling in search of other victims.Experiments were conducted by catching fish from the coasts of Texas and Florida.It was pioneered by a researcher named Colt William Cook.There are also reports that some have eaten this parasite.Whether that is true or false is not clear.In the movie 'The Bay' released in 2012, a creature belonging to this category was depicted.The film shows the inhabitants of a small town being affected by this creature.Later this movie shows the survival and misery of the people of that town.This Parasite is shown in the film as a plot for the film.But many believe that in the future there will be so many creatures.Many experts have contributed significantly to the experiments on this organism.

Let's meet some of them:

1. Bruska RC & Gilligan MR

2. Ruiz.A & Madrid.J

3. Hadfield KA

4. Bruce NL

5.William Jr. & Bunkley Williams

About the parasite found in the fish caught from the sea, the fishermen said that this parasite is strange and scary.But some fishermen say that this parasite is occasionally seen.Many fishermen also take this creature for experiments.These parasites inhibit the growth of the fish and make the fish uncomfortable.So far there have been no reports of these parasites killing fish.Nowhere has it been recorded that humans have been harmed either.

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