Different floods


 Different floods

As cities grow, increasing intensity of the flood.

Different flood

The increase in the number of floods is attributed to changes in land use and climate change.Some say the floods are being fueled by unscientifically growing cities.Every city is being developed by the confluence of rivers and streams.In the villages, instead of trees, in the cities, concrete buildings stand tall.Buildings and houses may be enclosed by large walls, blocking the flow of rainwater into reservoirs.Excessive use of plastic prevents rainwater from seeping into the soil.This was one of the main reasons why cities were inundated by floods in India in recent years.Many environmental groups today are urging people to look for ways to drain rainwater into their homes.In 2018, the World Bank warned that 600 million people in India would be affected by the drastic change in heat and rainfall.As mentioned, 2018 was a tragic and brutal year for India.Mentally, physically and financially devastated.The people of India at that time saw the terrible effects of the weather.Some cameramen captured the helplessness of man in front of nature.2018 was the beginning of the Great Flood.

Areas that receive less than 25 cm of rainfall per year are generally referred to as deserts.


Rainfall in these areas is very rare.Once or twice a year it rains.But now the deserts are flooding unusually.Heavy rains in July 2018 caused severe floods in the deserts of Gujarat and Rajasthan.More than a hundred people died,Many lost their homes,Some became orphans,Survivors are still living with the consequences.This adds to the great misery caused by extreme climate change.It is said that scientific studies on this will be done soon.Similar floods have been reported in the Israeli desert.

Desert Flood

One flood is enough to make a man lose all the wealth he has made in that lifetime.The terror of the Flood are well known in the world today.The floods of 2018-19 claimed the lives, property of millions of people.A flood can destroy the financial security of a large community.Each year, the United Nations estimates the damage caused by lightning and floods.That figure was over Rs 7 lakh crore.Deforestation and urbanization are among the leading causes of floods.Studies in Europe have shown a link between lightning and global warming.They also observed rivers in Europe in this study.They also found that the ice was melting very fast after two thousand.This is another major cause of flooding in Europe.Lightning floods like this are occurring in Portugal and England.Frequent flash floods are reported along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, accompanied by strong winds.Western Disturbances is the wind that brings rain to the northwestern parts of India.It originates in the Mediterranean region.This wind affects the agriculture and harvest in the northwestern part of India.


Thunderstorms are a phenomenon that is occurring in many parts of the world.This is thought to be the result of global warming.



It was thunder and heavy rain with noise.Heavy rain clouds can be seen in the sky at a height of several kilometers in the form of pillars.It is more common in the tropics.
By mid-2018, more than forty Thunderstorms had arrived in India.Thunderstorms are caused by the difference in temperature between the cold air and the hot air in the atmosphere.The rapid rise in atmospheric temperature due to global warming accelerates this process.The Earth's surface heats up due to thermal radiation from the Sun.As the surface heats up, the adjacent air heats up and rises into the atmosphere.This rising air will mix with the earth's dust and dirt.Cold air flows into the gap formed by the rise of hot air.As the Earth's warming as a result of global warming, the amount of hot air rising into the atmosphere will also increase.This causes the amount of cold air flowing into the gap to increase.This cold air flow is called the Western Disturbance.Cold air flows from water sources in the confluence of Asia and Europe and from the Bay of Bengal.The hot air rising up cools and turns into clouds.These clouds descend above the Thunder Storm.


Thunderstorms can also cause floods as heavy rainfall falls in a short period of time.Thunderstorms can cause catastrophic floods.

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