The 5 Worst Dust Storms


 The 5 Worst Dust Storms of 2018 and What We Can Learn From them

What is a Dust Storm and Why is it Dangerous?

Dust storms are a type of storm that occurs in arid regions with large sand or dust particles. Dust storms form from a strong wind that picks up loose dirt and sand, which is then blown into the air.Dust storms have been known to cause problems for people living in arid areas. They can cause damage to crops, livestock and even buildings by blowing away topsoil, destroying valuable plants and exposing the ground. 

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Dust storms can also be dangerous because they often bring with them strong winds that can knock down power lines and create power outages.The difference between a dust storm and a sandstorm is that dust particles are bigger than sand particles so they cannot be as easily lifted into the air by wind gusts.

Dust Storms in North America So Far in 2018

Dust storms are a natural phenomenon. They are caused by strong winds that lift the dust from the ground and carry it for miles. Dust storms occur in many places around the world, with North America being one of them.Dust storms in North America have been occurring since long ago and they are not likely to stop any time soon. So far in 2018, there have been at least three dust storms that have swept through North America. These include:

- The Storms of March (March 2nd)

- The Storms of April (April 10th)

- The Storms of May (May 14th)

Dust Storms in Asia So Far in 2018

Dust storms are a natural phenomenon in the Asian continent. They have been occurring for centuries and have caused deaths, property damage, and environmental disasters.In the past few years, these dust storms have become more frequent and intense in Asia. This is due to an increase in desertification caused by human activities such as deforestation, overgrazing, and over-cultivation.Dust storms can be very dangerous for humans because they can cause respiratory problems, eye irritation, and skin allergies. 

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The worst dust storm on record was the one that took place in the 1930s when it killed over 3 million people.

Dust Storms in Africa So Far in 2018

Dust storms are a common occurrence in Africa. In 2018, there have been at least six major dust storms which have swept across the continent.The first dust storm was on March 1st and was called the "Red Sea Dust Storm". It is believed to be caused by a dry spell in Egypt and Sudan. The second dust storm was on April 3rd and was called "The African Dust Storm" or "Saharan Dust Storm". It is believed to be caused by an African easterly wave. The third dust storm was on April 20th and it's name remains unknown. It is believed to be caused by an African easterly wave as well. The fourth dust storm happened on May 14th and its name remains unknown as well. The fifth dust storm happened on June 13th.

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Dust storms are a common natural occurrence in Africa. They can happen any time of the year and usually occur in countries like Sudan, Chad, Niger and Nigeria.The dust storms have been increasing in severity over the past few years. They have also been occurring more frequently than before. The dust storms are mainly caused by two factors: a lack of rain and the Saharan Air Layer (SAL). The SAL is an air mass that blows from the Sahara Desert towards West Africa during summer months, bringing hot and dry air to the region.

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