Rainwater Harvesting


 Rainwater Harvesting Guide: Everything You Need to Know

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is a simple, cost-effective and sustainable way to collect rain water from rooftops or other hard surfaces and store it for later use.


The importance of harvesting rainwater is not only about saving the environment, but also about saving money. Rainwater harvesting can reduce the amount of money spent on water bills by as much as 50%.

 Rainwater Catchment Systems and Technology

Rainwater catchment systems are a sustainable and cost-effective way to harvest rain water for various purposes.Rainwater catchment systems typically consist of a roof, gutters, and cisterns. A roof collects rain water from the sky and channels it through gutters to the cisterns.

Using Rainwater for Various Purposes and Commercial Benefits

Rainwater harvesting is a process of collecting and storing rainwater in a container or cistern.Rainwater harvesting can be utilized for various purposes such as watering gardens, washing clothes, flushing toilets, or even drinking. 


Commercial benefits include the reduction of water bills and better quality water.

How to Start a Home Rainwater Collection System?

A rainwater collection system is a great way to conserve water. If you have a large roof, you can collect and store rainwater which means less water will be used from your municipality’s water system. 


There are many benefits to this system such as reduced water consumption, less pollution in the environment and lower utility bills.

How is Rainwater Harvested?

Rainwater harvesting is a sustainable way of collecting rain and storing it for later use. The rain that falls on a rooftop or in other hard surfaces can be collected by a series of gutters and channels before being stored in underground tanks for use during dry spells.

Where is the Best Place to Capture Rain?

You may have heard that rainwater harvesting is a resourceful way to collect water. But where is the best place to capture rain? There are a few different factors that you should consider before you decide where to set up your rain barrel.

What Happens When the Container Fills Up With Water?

The rainwater is collected with a gutter and flows through a pipe to the container. The container is filled up with water when it rains.This section is about what happens to the water that collects in a container when it rains. The rainwater is collected by gutters and then flows through pipes to the container. When it rains, the container fills up with water.

The Pros of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a system that captures rain from a roof or other impervious surface and stores it for future use.There are many benefits of harvesting rainwater. It conserves water, saves money, and helps the environment.


The pros of harvesting rainwater are:

-It conserves water by allowing you to reuse it instead of having to purchase more water.

-It saves money because you don't have to pay for expensive water bills. 

-It helps the environment because it reduces the amount of storm runoff that enters our waterways, which can cause flooding and erosion.

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