Chemicals and Global Warming


 Chemicals and global warming

With each passing year, the earth's warming.Scientists call this 'global warming'.Gases on the rise in the atmosphere are said to be the cause of global warming.Heat is felt as a result of the rays coming from the sun.

sun lights

The resulting heat falls to the ground and retreats into the atmosphere.Atmospheric gases return this heat to the Earth itself.Thus the Earth's surface heat increases.This is a very dangerous phenomenon.If this goes on, the lives of future generations on earth will be miserable.Many problems arise as a result of global warming.The polar regions of the earth are covered with ice.As a result of global warming, these ice sheets are beginning to melt.The sea level rises as the ice sheets melt rapidly.This can result in flash floods.This will inundate coastal areas.Some countries will disappear like this.It is not just the oceans that are suffering from global warming.Countries in the tropics will find their lives miserable if temperatures continue to rise.As a result of global warming, droughts, food shortages and epidemics are rampant.The 'greenhouse effect' is one of the main causes of global warming.During the day, the sun's rays hit the earth and as a result remain warm.As the sun sets, this heat begins to rise.Thus the hot air rising upwards absorbs the gases in the atmosphere.The vapor in the clouds is important in that.Methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and ozone are also heat-absorbing gases.There is a method of growing glass inside the cage to protect the plants.Such cages made of glass are called greenhouses.When the sun enters the cage, it stays in the cage without going back.Thus causing heat to build up inside the cage.Sunlight that reaches the Earth's atmosphere stays on Earth, causing it to heat up.This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect.

Green house

As the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, so does global warming.Large amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere as a result of burning fuels.Tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere each year.Deforestation is also a factor in increasing carbon dioxide levels.Plants absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen.This function is disrupted by the disappearance of plants and trees.


As a result, carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere and warms up.It is estimated that carbon dioxide emissions have increased by about 25 percent over the past century.Thus the temperature of the atmosphere increased.Deforestation is under control in many countries today.


Methane is another gas that causes air pollution.This gas is released when underwater plants rot.

plants under water

This gas comes out even when there is a lot of garbage lying around and getting dirty.There are also those who believe that methane gas is another cause of the greenhouse effect.But methane gas is not as dangerous as carbon dioxide.Ice sheets in the North Pole contain mixtures of water and gas formed during the Ice Age.It's known as gas hydrates.As the atmosphere heats up, they melt and methyl gas escapes.This is one of the reasons for global warming.Nitrous oxide, also known as gaseous gas, also plays a major role in global warming.Nitrous oxide is one of the gases that causes heat to build up.The amount of this gas is increasing every year.It comes out when the fuels are burning.The use of substances containing ammonia also causes nitrous oxide to enter the atmosphere.Atmospheric vapor is also a contributing factor to global warming, according to a new study.About 70% of the earth's water.A lot of steam from this water stays in the atmosphere.Vapor, like other gases, causes heat to build up in the atmosphere.Thus, as the atmosphere warms, the amount of vapor also increases.

Acid rain is another serious problem that is causing global warming.Sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere is said to be the cause of acid rain. Sulfur dioxide is released into the atmosphere as a result of burning petrol and coal.It combines with water particles in vapor to form sulfuric acid.Some of this sulfuric acid comes down with the rain,This is known as acid rain.This acid rain can destroy trees and plants, kill fish and cause damage to buildings.

The role of man in destroying nature is immense.Man-made gases known as CFCs cause global warming in many ways.The full name of the CFC is Chlorofluorocarbons.It has been around for over 80 years.People thought that it was very good for human beings.It has greatly benefited industries and businesses.It can be easily liquefied by pressure.It is used in air conditioners and refrigerators.


Different numbers of CFCs exist today for different uses.CFC is used in both the fridge and the AC.Although they are beneficial beneath the atmosphere, they become villains when they rise above the atmosphere.When they reach the top, they react as a result of sunlight and cause serious problems for the ozone layer.Ultraviolet rays of sunlight are very harmful to us.These are blocked by the ozone layer.If the ozone layer is damaged in this way, the ultraviolet rays will fall directly on the earth and cause a catastrophe.The ozone layer helps us to retain the amount of sunlight we need.The rupture of the ozone layer above the Antarctic Pole was much discussed.An experiment in the Arctic polar region found that the thickness of the ozone layer there was low.

Did CFC cause global warming and the rupture of the ozone layer?

New research shows that CFCs are more dangerous than carbon dioxide.The atmosphere is not the same everywhere warmer.Areas close to the equator experience higher temperatures and polar regions experience lower temperatures.Their use is limited as much as possible in order to reduce the amount of CFCs in the atmosphere.Volcanoes also contribute to global warming. When volcanoes erupt, smoke and dust build up in the atmosphere.A previous volcanic eruption had released 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.This can lead to serious problems.

How does global warming affect India?

India is one of the countries most affected by the catastrophic effects of global warming.The climate is undergoing major changes.sudden flood strikes life and property.The melting of the Himalayas will inundate the valleys.


Heavy rains are common in some areas.There is a difference of opinion among the nations of the world regarding global warming.Developed countries blame China and India responsible for global warming.Others blame developed countries for failing to reduce pollution in their own countries.The Government of India has put forward some proposals to combat global warming.Make the most of other sources of energy such as biogas, solar and wind.Improve public transport.Dispose of garbage.Improve water resources and water supply.Protect forests.Protect the Himalayas.Develop biotechnology in agriculture.Develop resistant seeds.Avoid plastic as much as possible.These were the proposals put forward by India.

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