Tragedy in the city of Minamata


 Tragedy in the city of Minamata

In 1950, fish began to drown in large numbers in the waters off the Japanese city of Minamata.

fishes dead

The sea was generally calm.Soon the pets along the coast began to die.The locals did not understand what was happening.So one or two years passed.In 1953, people living along the coast contracted an unknown disease.Symptoms began to appear.It made many questions in them.

What is this disease?

What is the cure for this disease?

Where can I get that medicine?

Even medicine could not find a cure for itPeople with the disease began to show severe symptoms.The city of Minimata was in a state of panic as many began to die.News of this unknown disease spread throughout the world.Coastal residents called for a team of experts to diagnose the disease.As a result, the government appointed a panel of experts.The first step was to examine the bodies of the dead.They found that brain death was the cause of death.That discovery raised some questions among themselves.

How did this happen?

Will the brains of people in an area suddenly stop one day?

Experts could not answer this question.

So they named the disease 'Minamata Disease'.Subsequent investigations identified the perpetrators of the tragedy.It was a plastic factory called Chiso in the town of Minamata.

plastic factory

The factory discharges liters of mercury waste into the sea.None of this was noticed then.The people in the factory knew that it was a deadly poison that could kill the fish in the sea and the people who ate it.Yet they continued to do so.The factory was started when many people were out of work.The Chiso Company then employed the people of Minamata.Those who did not work for this company were very rare.The company paid two-thirds of the city's tax revenue.With the advent of the company, the city and its people began to prosper.The workers believed the Chiso company was their fortune, unaware of the rear view of the factory.The company also played a major role in the administration of the city of Minamata.The mayor of that city was a former manager of the company.Many of the company's employees were municipal councilors.Therefore, the real cause of the tragedy was not known to the outside world for years.

factory waste

Many came out against the factory.Some even filed a lawsuit against the factory.There were a lot of struggles.None succeeded.In 1995, the Supreme Court of Japan ruled that the Chiso Company was responsible for the tragedy.Company officials claimed responsibility for the tragedy.By then, years had passed since the tragedy.The company had to pay money to clean up the sea as compensation.The court ruled to pay compensation to those who died in the tragedy and those who became ill.The real cause of the tragedy was discovered in 1956.It was discovered by a doctor in the same factory.The doctor decided to monitor the cat for drinking the water discharged from the factory.A few days later, the cat died.The doctor concluded that the cause of the cat's death was mercury waste.But the company tried to destroy all this evidence.They burned all the dead cats.Mercury continued to flow into the sea.


Mercury is a deadly poison.For years, the Chiso Company dumped this mercury waste into the Minimata Sea.When mercury reaches the sea, it reacts with the bacteria in the bay.As a result, mercury is slowly converted to methyl mercury.Methyl mercury was many times more dangerous than mercury.Thus the problems at sea became complicated.By 1950, the fish began to die en masse.The cats that ate the fish later died.Some cats died after drinking the sewage.1953 An unknown disease spreads to humans.The disease was first reported in people who ate fish from the sea.


Thus Minamata became a land of tragedy.The population dropped from 50,000 to 32,000.Fishing stopped,Fishermen starve.The fisheries sector collapsed.Many fled from there.Efforts were being made to detoxify the sea.A net was laid 2 km across the sea.This was done to prevent fish from coming ashore from the sea.In 1977, efforts were made to remove tons of toxic waste from the sea.The project to remove toxins from the seabed with the help of machinery was started.As a result of hard work, the Minamata Sea was declared non-toxic in 1997.A memorial to that tragedy can be seen in the city of Minamata.The Minamata tragedy shows just how dangerous mercury can be.

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