Smog is now beginning to appear everywhere.Great disasters caused by smog.

Smog in London 

In the seventeenth century there was a big fire in London called the 'Great Fire of London'.Then came another tragedy in London, 'The Great London Smoke'.The city of London had been congested for more than five days with a haze of debris and dust.Nothing could be seen due to the fog.

smog in the city

More than 4,000 people were killed.Clouds formed along the banks of the River Thames.The smoke began to spread in the city of London.People began to shiver.They started to light fires and fires for heat.Many of the things they burned were coal.This caused the formation of black smoke.This black smoke mingled with the fog.The waste from the factories was mixed with smoke and fog.With that, the problem became serious.The city was covered with black dust.Not even sunlight enters.It's getting cold.Nothing can be seen in dim light.Many died of the cold.This condition continued for days.A few days later the smog disappeared.More than 4,000 people have died due to the smog.Climate change is responsible for the formation of smog.When the fog formed, they burned coal to cool off.This resulted in the release of excessive amounts of sulfur dioxide.It was a catastrophe when the industrial smoke was added.Excess sulfur dioxide, which interferes with respiration, is released into the atmosphere.It caused shortness of breath and cough in many people and caused many deaths.

Alan Komilson

Alan Komilson was a student in London who experienced smog.This was his experience."I was a student studying in London.It was a normal day with clear skies.But an unusual cold wind came up.I just sat in the classroom and looked outside.A black line in the sky.It comes almost to the top of the River Thames.I have never seen anything like it in the sky before.It got blacker and thicker.

sky black

The smoke started coming in through the window.The smoke smelled of coal.Shortly after that I went to a movie.Those in the back seat of the movie theater got up and went to the front seat.They could not see the movie clearly as if something was in front of a smokescreen.The next day the smoke level increased significantly.The streetlights were still on at noon.Only a few vehicles were running on the road.They themselves were worried about not seeing the road.Some vehicles collided with each other.The city began to silence.The smoke changed color and began to turn yellow.He began to experience difficulty in breathing and great pain when inhaling.Sulfuric acid was what we were breathing.Some people drove the bus without noticing the situation.The bus driver will hold the lamp in his hand and show the way to the bus on the road.Slowly the driver will drive that way.It was about noon.We know the consequences of climate change."

Los Angeles smoking

It was a typical day in Los Angeles, USA.Roads are congested.The streets are crowded with people.Slowly the atmosphere began to change.Smoke spreads around.People are running around in panic.Many people thought it would be fog.Los Angeles experiences fog during the winter.But it was summer.There was good heat and good sunlight.By then the smoke had thickened.

weather changing

Some experienced shortness of breath and a strong cough.Some had blurred vision and puffiness in the eyes.Traffic came to a complete standstill.The atmosphere was filled with smoke for days.Gradually the smoke began to fade.The scientist began his journey to find the cause of the smog.So they figured out the reason.Atmospheric pollution was caused by smoke from vehicles.The smoke was caused by this air pollution.It happened on July 24, 1944.This was the first smog disaster in Los Angeles.Later such tragedies were repeated many times.Los Angeles has repeatedly topped the list of polluted areas in the United States.Later the government took strong measures.With that, the situation changed.The government has come up with several schemes to reduce air pollution.

Poison smok in Indonesia

Inhale cold and black smoke for months.This experience was experienced by some ordinary people living in villages and cities.Six countries in Southeast Asia were affected by the heavy smoke.The cause of the smoke is said to be a 1997 wildfire in Indonesia.There were occasional wildfires in Indonesia.

smoke fire

But that was not the case with the 1997 wildfires.No matter how hard he tried, the wildfire could not be put out.Eventually the government declared it a national disaster.But soon the wildfire spread.The black smoke from the fire crossed Indonesia's borders.Black smoke has spread to Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei and Papua New Guinea.It was the green trees that burned in the fire.As a result, the atmosphere was filled with toxic gases.The gases were carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia.Many were hospitalized after inhaling it.Many had to stay indoors.Oxygen masks were distributed to help you get out in an emergency.The plane crashed in Jakarta.The pilot could not see anything because of the smoke.234 people died in that accident.

plane crash

Offices and schools were closed.Malaysia declares lockdown.Even ships at sea could not see.There were a series of accidents on the roads.Many countries came to help Indonesia.After days of hard work, the fire was extinguished.So the smoke stopped.Despite the fires in Indonesia, other countries have suffered.

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