Chemical Contaminants and Acid Rain


 Chemical contaminants and acid rain

The Posa Rica disaster was another disaster that went unnoticed amid major chemical pollution disasters.Poza Rica was an industrial city in the United States.The main industry here was the processing of petrol related items.

petrol factory

In 1950, there was a leak at a petrol refinery.It was a small leak.Hydrogen sulfide is mixed in the atmosphere.Due to the low temperature, the gas remained in the atmosphere.After some time, people started experiencing various ailments.Many went to the hospital.In some it caused a strong cough and shortness of breath.Others had headaches and fainting.It has lost the ability to recognize the smell in some people.Hospitals in the city were filled with patients.Meanwhile, some death news came.It caused panic among the people.The cause of the leak was soon discovered.The leak was stopped within half an hour.By then the death toll was over twenty.Had it not been for a quick fix, it would have ended in disaster.There could be a big accident at any moment in a chemical manufacturing factory.Many people use safety devices in anticipation of this.

Acid rain

Acid rain is a disaster caused by chemical pollution.Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur combine with atmospheric air, sunlight, and vapor to form sulfuric acid and nitric acid.When these combine with rain, acid rain occurs.Nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide emitted by vehicles and factories are said to be the main causes of acid rain.Acid rain is harmful to soil, plants, trees, humans and animals.

acid rain

Acid rain was first reported in 1852 in Manchester.Robert Agnes Smith, through his observations, discovered a link between air pollution and acid rain.But it was not until 1962 that scientists began to study acid rain.Acid rain damages statues and buildings.Part of the sulfuric acid in this water begins to decompose by reacting with the calcium in the building.Many countries are trying to control the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted by vehicles and factories.As a result, many drastic measures have been taken.

Acid rain in Tokyo

June 18, 1970 Morning fog forms over Tokyo, Japan.The amount of snow decreased as the sun rose.Yet it became a condition that could not be seen from a little distance.Many began to see a variety of disorders.Some felt burning in the eyes.Some also experienced a strong cough.


Everyone went to the hospital.It was later discovered that particles of sulfuric acid were present in the atmosphere.In Japan, factories and vehicles were later regulated.

The Flixberg disaster

A small fire broke out at a chemical factory in Flixberg, England.Then it turned into a big explosion.


The eruption also made the list of disasters in England in 1974.More than 50 people were killed and at least 75 were injured.Following the same, security measures were taken at the chemical plant.

Waste in Switzerland

A fire broke out at a chemical plant in Basel, Switzerland.This was followed by the dumping of 30 tons of chemicals into their water source, the Rhine.

Polluted Water

Those who used the water of that river began to get various diseases.Many wandered from the area for drinking water.It took more than 10 years to remove the toxins in that river.The tragedy occurred in 1986.People also knew the need to protect rivers.

Smoke in Sevastopol

Toxic gas leaks at a chemical plant in Sevastopol, Italy.More than 600 people were evacuated.250 people were poisoned.Heavy smoke spread through the city.Every year, a large number of children became infected with various diseases.At one time fires were common in a chemical factory.As security has been strengthened, the number of accidents has decreased.

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