Smog is a reflection of uncontrollable air pollution.

smog effect

Smog is formed by the combination of snow and smoke.This is the reason why the name came up.Visually impaired smog is usually found in areas with a lot of business.The word smog was coined in the middle of the twentieth century.Air pollution from burning fossil fuels is one of the main causes of smog.Smoke is formed by the oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, smoke, ozone gas, and dust particles.Although small amounts of smog are felt in many places, the largest smog was in the city of London in 1952. This haze is known as the Big Smog.

extreme smog

The tragedy, which followed the uncontrolled burning of coal, lasted for more than five days.The death toll was more than 12,000.Coal burning in London was restricted for a few months.This smog was discussed globally.Londoners could not see anything because of the smoke all around.They contracted many diseases due to this smog.They had difficulty breathing.They suffered from various lung diseases.

lungs sick

Value of water

Drinking water is unavailable due to global warming.This warning is issued from time to time by many environmental organizations.As the atmosphere and the earth burn, the water sources that supply drinking water dry up.The condition of the Indian village of Comic awaits many other villages.Comic is one of the tallest villages in the world.It is located in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh.Snow melting water from the Himalayas flows through man made canals to reach the village.This water is the water source of the village.This water was used for domestic and agricultural purposes.But today these canals are disappearing.Many countries today are facing severe water shortages.

water scarcity

This warning is issued by the Central Agricultural Research Institute.India's per capital water resources will decrease from 5000000 liters in 1950 to 1500000 liters in the coming years.By 2025, water scarcity in India will be severe.More than 70% of India's water resources are used for agriculture.If this goes on, many will withdraw from farming With the decline of agriculture, the required materials are not available. Available items will also increase in price.Then a lot of people will starve.


As a result of climate change, temperatures are rising uncontrollably in many places.This sudden change can lead to heat waves and sunburn.The equatorial regions, where the sun's direct exposure, are the hottest.The polar regions are warmer than the equatorial regions.The risk of heat wave is highest in very hot regions.The amount of moisture in the atmosphere also plays an important role in the heat wave.When the amount of moisture in the atmosphere increases rapidly, it increases the risk of heat waves.The best way to combat heat waves is to wear light colored, lightweight clothing.Drink plenty of water.

Drink Water

Avoid foods high in protein and meat.Be careful not to go out in the afternoon.Minimize exposure to direct sunlight.These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to get rid of sunburn.We sweat even when we are indoors.Pay special attention to those who are exposed to direct sunlight.Seek medical attention if necessary.

Hydrometeorological Disasters

Hydrometeorological disasters include floods, droughts, wildfires, landslides and landslides.Such disasters, which have claimed many lives and caused great financial loss, have increased dramatically in recent years.The Disaster Management Force has issued a warning.From 1987 to 1988, 195 disasters were reported in India.From 2000 to 2006, more than 350 were reported.The Indian government had also ordered the deployment of special forces to deal with emergencies.

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