Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


What is carbon dioxide?

How does it relate to air ??


There was a report about the most polluted cities in the world.Seven of 10 cities are in India.The level of air pollution in India is increasing day by day.Gurugram, a place near Delhi, is at the forefront in terms of air pollution.Delhi is one of the most polluted capital cities in the world.Every year there are reports of air pollution in Delhi.By the end of Diwali celebrations in Delhi this year, the air quality index had crossed 600.Strict restrictions were in place then.Although the air pollution occurs every year after the Diwali celebrations, this year it was very high.

Deepavali Pollution

uch warnings as 'breathing is bad for your health' are likely to come soon in many big cities.The air in many cities is unbelievably polluted.Many of these cities today come out with the mask.Breathing here is more deadly than smoking.Masks were mandatory in some cities.But these masks are not able to fight many deadly gases.This air causes many deadly diseases like cancer.India is one of the most polluted countries in the world.Many people die in India due to air pollution.Many festivals in India were restricted due to rising air pollution.Of all the species on earth, man is the most harmful to nature.So many human beings are exploiting the natural energy sources.We need fossil fuels for everything from kitchen cooking to flying in the sky.Coal was first used for all these purposes.With the advent of petrol and diesel and natural gas, they started burning uncontrollably.As a result of their use, the amount of carbon dioxide they emit also increased.The time has come for man to switch to the use of energy forms that do not harm nature.Man can be described as a species that controls his energy needs or destroys the earth.It remains to be seen what will be the end of man's energy craving.

Envirnmental Issues

Carbon dioxide

The biggest problem with greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide.Recently, the levels of carbon dioxide have increased dramatically.This is due to human intervention.Although some greenhouse gases are more lethal than carbon dioxide, high levels of carbon dioxide make it one of the most dangerous gases.That being said, the importance of carbon dioxide must also be understood.This is the gas needed to sustain life on Earth.

Carbon Dioxide  (CO2)

This gas is needed to cook food for plants.Without the carbon dioxide that warms the earth, the earth would freeze and freeze.This gas acts like a blanket over the earth.But what if this blanket gets thicker ??

This is what is happening on earth right now.As the levels of carbon dioxide increased, so did the temperature of the atmosphere.This causes sea levels to rise and the ice to melt.This is why carbon dioxide tops the list of problematic gases.Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, mainly through the burning of fossil fuels.It increased massively after the Industrial Revolution.The temperature rose to more than 1.2 degrees Celsius.The amount of this gas increases exponentially as plants and trees are cut down to keep the balance by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.As the population grows and the number of vehicles increases, so does the amount of carbon dioxide.

Stop CO2

These can be reduced by planting plants.

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