Blue Water Green water


 Blue Water Green water

Water is a colorless substance It is as transparent as glass.Sometimes rainwater is separated into two colors.That is Green Water and Blue Water.They are classified according to who uses the rainwater.Of the 100 raindrops that fall on the earth, only 35,36 raindrops are used by humans in a hundred raindrops.It is water stored in wells, rivers and lakes.


This water is called blue water.Two-thirds of rainwater helps maintain soil moisture.This water is called green water.This water helps to give greenery to the plants and trees.Due to air pollution and water pollution, the amount of blue water has decreased drastically.If the blue water recedes like this, it will lead to a catastrophe.The filling of wells and ponds is also cited as a reason for this.It is said that there will be Blue Water Wars in the coming years.

The color of the sky changes

The color of the sky is blue.But today all that blue is gone and starting to turn black.This discoloration is due to human intervention.

Dark Cloud

Increasing number of flights contribute to changing the color of the sky.While many argue that travel is easy, the noise pollution caused by aircraft is not insignificant.The planes emit carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and black carbon.All of this adds to the intensity of global warming.Its black carbon reaches the stratosphere and raises the temperature of the atmosphere.The Union Ministry of Science and Technology has said that the role of air pollution in climate change in India should be studied.The number of flights is also increasing daily.


A cloudburst is a phenomenon that causes a lot of rain to fall suddenly.When it rains, rainwater drains into the soil.Or that rainwater goes into the reservoirs.But nature is unable to store the rainwater that results from cloudbursts.This results in landslides and floods.The same thing happens with carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide

There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than can be tolerated by nature.Therefore, nature cannot reduce the temperature of the atmosphere.At the time of the Industrial Revolution, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 280 ppm.Today it is over 400 ppm.This increase in carbon dioxide causes extreme heat.


Greenland is one of the largest islands in the world.It is located east of Canada, between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

Melting Ice

Today, however, studies indicate that their very existence is threatened.The ice is melting rapidly due to global warming and other pollutants.The ice is now melting four to five times faster than in 2003.From 2003 to 2012, the island lost more than 280 gigatons (one gigaton = one billion tons) of ice each year.

Melting Ice

This ice sheet causes the sea level to rise by 0.076 each year.When so much ice melts it can lead to other problems as well.The Mont Black Glacier, an iceberg in the Alps, is also under threat.If it melts like this, it will cause lightning floods.

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a product, person, or organization.We can reduce the amount of carbon footprint.We can reduce pollution by working with the environment.The World Bank has warned that half of India's population will be affected by climate change in the future.More than one lakh people have died in the floods in the last 60 years.India is one of the worst affected countries by climate change.


The loss from disasters from 1998 to 2017 is estimated at $ 79.5 billion.The figures were released by the UN Office for Disaster and Risk Reduction.According to them, India is the fifth most disaster prone region in the world.Billions of dollars are lost every year alone.These disasters are the biggest obstacle to India's growth in the future.The nations of the world are beginning to realize that climate change is a catastrophe to come.In view of this situation, many countries have signed international agreements.The Kigali Agreement was initiated with the intention of reducing the amount of hydrofluorocarbons.It is this hydrofluorocarbon that causes the ozone layer to crack.India is also a party to this agreement.The World Bank has introduced a number of policies as part of its efforts to protect nature.The World Bank has said it will not lend to oil and gas projects.The World Bank has also called for tough action against those who misuse fossil fuels.

fossil fuel

The US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement in 2015 was discussed globally.China's efforts to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees began a few years ago.China has focused on reducing the burning of fossil fuels.

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