Chemicals have become a part of our lives today.Many of the products we use today contain chemicals.In terms of chemicals it is estimated to be above 60,000.Chemicals are used in everything from plastics to textiles and even to color in the artificial food we eat.It would not be wrong to call our world a chemical world.Chemicals have such a big role in our lives.It ranges from soap to pesticides.There are several factories operating for the manufacture of chemicals.

chemical manufactures

New chemicals are made and some additions are made to the newly created chemicals.Petrol and coal are used in the manufacture of chemicals.Chemical production activities were in limbo due to the coal shortage.Such factories and the chemical pollutants that come out of them can cause a great deal of environmental pollution and air pollution.Industries have played a major role in economic development.But man has often had to bow before the catastrophe caused by these industries.These chemicals are very polluting to the soil, water and air.

Are factories the only ones responsible for such tragedies?

The number of vehicles is increasing day by day.


Vehicle fumes contain hundreds of chemicals.Carbon monoxide is the most dangerous of these.They are difficult to identify because they have no color or smell.The role of pesticides in creating pollution is not small.Pesticides are used to protect crops.But it causes a lot of misery to human beings.Not only industrial plants but also hospitals make huge contributions to chemical pollution.Chemical weapons are also used in wars between nations.Chemicals are used in many situations in life.

Families in the chemical world

It is said that there are 2 families in the chemical world.One is the acid of the acid family.Alkali of two alkaline families.It has both advantages and disadvantages.

There are many types of acids in the world today.


Very strong and weak.Acids cause burns in the human body.Some acids can even melt metals.Such lethal acids are used in industry.These acids are mostly used to make batteries.It is also used in the manufacture of explosives.There are strong and weak ones in the alkali family.The stronger ones will inflict burns.Many of the ingredients used in daily life contain alkali.Caustic soda, the main raw material in soap making, belongs to the alkali family.Such potent alkalis are also used in the manufacture of glass.When used without adequate safety in factories it can cause great disaster.There have been many chemical disasters that have shaken the world.Many died.Some still suffer the consequences.There are many benefits to using chemicals.


If not used carefully It will lead to disasters that will shake the world.Chemicals are both hero and villain at the same time.Many modern medicines are made of chemicals.But these chemicals are also the cause of many diseases.Many people die from leaks of chemical pollutants and toxic gases.The World Health Organization has issued a number of guidelines to prevent such disasters.

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