Our Environment


 Our Environment

Some researchers view the environment as a gift from God.  But today human beings are abusing this gift in every possible way for their own selfish interests.  The time is not far off when the next generation will clash between water and air. If money and gold are stolen by thieves today, there is no doubt that in the years to come it will be water and air.  It is doubtful whether there will be a future generation if this goes on.  The present situation in Kerala (It is a state of India) God's own country, is deteriorating.  The role of human beings in this tragic situation is immense.  Environmental observers have repeatedly warned that Kerala is at high risk of major disasters. The shocking fact is that despite living here for so many years, not a single plant has been dug up. My friend came that way when I was planting a plant.  This is how my friend reacted when he saw me doing it. Why are we going to do all this hard work? All we have to do is pay for the goods we want to get in the market.When the plants are buried, they should be watered, fertilized and placed in a place where they are exposed to sunlight.  At that time playing a game on mobile can get at least one pleasure. Well, there's something essential. Having said this, he left.   

But some environmental groups and activists in the organization have stepped in to protect the environment in many ways.  The list goes on and on, from small children to celebrities.  In their spare time, they gather and clean up public spaces and public pools and organize activities to protect the environment.  Many people set aside Sunday, the total day off, for this.  They work for it without expecting anything in return.  It is hoped that the next generation will be able to enjoy the beautiful earth and preserve God's gift. As generations change, it becomes imperative to teach them the need to protect the environment accordingly.

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  1. I think human beings that as a species we are the top of the food chain and also the dominant species on this planet and we have been exploiting our planet fo some time and also even in the present, i hope that we change course from this destructive path that have been laid out by ourself

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