Climate protectors


 Sea level is rising!  Be careful,

 Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world.

Global warming has long been thought to be just the melting of ice somewhere in the far poles.  It was shaking the earth with the first warning, and today the shores are burning and threatening to flood.  


The IPCC under the auspices of the United Nations has just released some shocking news.  Sea level rise due to melting ice in the Himalayas will threaten major cities in India such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Surat and Chennai.  This global warming poses a great threat to the world itself.  These can be curtailed to some extent through the collective efforts of human beings.

Climate protectors


   Jupiter controls wind, rain and thunder. This was the belief of the ancient Romans. But according to the beliefs of the ancient Greeks, Zeus was their weather god. According to Indian mythology, the climate is controlled by Indra, the king of the gods. This is a matter of mythology. In fact, there are five main factors that determine the weather.

Air (atmosphere) 

Water (Hydrosphere) 

Snow (cryosphere)

Rocky ground (Lithosphere) 

Flora and fauna (Biosphere) 

Climate is determined by the massive exchange of energy between these elements.

  The shape of the earth, the tilt of its axis, and its orbit around the sun also play an important role in determining the weather.

  The atmosphere is a gas blanket that stretches for miles above the earth's surface. The blanket is made up of nitrogen, oxygen and greenhouse gases.

  The hydrosphere, also known as the aquifer, is the presence of water on Earth. This is where the water cycle is formed. The order of the rainy season is determined by the water cycle that enables the movement of water in the atmosphere. The cryosphere is a region of solid water. These include ice sheets, sea ice, and fog.

  The valleys and mountains of the earth's surface, which are part of the lithosphere, determine the direction of the wind. Mountains also play an important role in preventing wind and rain. 

Dark Clouds

Forests, which are part of the biosphere, play an important role in regulating the heat of the sun and storing rainwater. Human interactions that are part of the biosphere have been found to be the biggest cause of climate change.

Sun and weather

 Climate is determined by the exchange of energy between water and the atmosphere. The earth receives most of its energy from the sun. Therefore, the sun plays a major role in determining the Earth's climate.


   A small portion of the energy comes from the Earth's core. This is known as Geothermal Energy. And there is energy from the waves of the earth's oceans as a result of the moon's gravity.

  Just as the earth receives energy, so the earth releases energy. It's two ways. Earth's energy is emitted through the reflection of sunlight on the earth, just as light is reflected when it hits a surface. Earth is a black body. Dark matter emits Earth's energy in the form of infrared rays as a result of radiation.

  Climate and weather 

  Climate and weather are the words that come to mind when you hear the word 'weather'. These two English words are often used to refer to the weather. Both terms are commonly used to describe the conditions of rain, wind, heat, and humidity in the earth's atmosphere. Weather is the short-lived weather in a particular area. However, the climate is a long-term climate over a wide area.Climate is also known as average weather.

Climate and Weather

  Budget for the land !!

Like man, the earth has a budget. Unlike man, it is based on energy, not money. The Earth's energy budget is the sum of the rest of the energy flowing to and from the Earth's surface, and the energy that is exchanged between climatic factors.

If the total energy coming in is more than the total energy going out, the budget will be positive. Then the weather will be warmer. However, as more and more energy goes out, the energy budget will start moving towards negativity. Then the weather will start to cool.

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