Greenhouse Gases


Greenhouse Gases

What are greenhouse gases?

How does it relate to global warming?

Greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming.Examples of greenhouse gases are nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor.The name comes from the fact that it retains its atmospheric temperature, much like a greenhouse that retains heat.Greenhouse gases also have a  relationship with global warming.There are more than fifty gases like this.They increase the Earth's temperature by trapping the Sun's heat in the Earth's atmosphere like a trap.This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect.We need greenhouse gases that play a crucial role in global warming.But the problem is that their uses is increasing exponentially.When the amount of greenhouse gases increases too much, it leads to a bigger problem like global warming.Discussions are now underway on how to use the gases in moderation.

Global warming is one of the main causes of climate change.

global warming

Many people today use the term global warming instead of climate change.Global warming is defined as the rise in temperature over long periods of time above average.In short, earth is heating.Temperatures have been rising for many years.Today, however, the term global warming is used to describe global warming caused by human activity.According to the IPCC, global warming has been found to be caused by human activity since the middle of the twentieth century.One reason for this is the high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places.Many coastal areas and islands will be submerged as sea levels rise.The salinity of the waterlogged soil will increase.This can lead to massive crop damage and pollution of fresh water.Destruction of crops endangers food security.Many families will starve.

Coastal areas are one of the most popular destinations for travelers.

Coastal Resort

Many towns are formed along the coast.But today, many cities are facing the threat of flooding as part of climate change.Sea levels are rising as a result of global warming.When the water level rises in this way, it increases the intensity of floods and hurricanes.If the water level rises like this, many countries in the world will be under water.The United Nations has warned people living in cities near the sea to be vigilant.

Big waves are another form of climate change.

Big wave

Such waves have wreaked havoc on many islands.Studies are still underway to determine how many islands in the world have been devastated.Large waves will first destroy the island's soil.Seawater destroys the structure and strength of the soil.Soil-protecting plants and mangroves will be swept away by the big waves.When the effluent from the floodwaters increases, the soil becomes unusable for agriculture.

After Flood

Researchers at Ohio State University in the United States have found that the ice sheets within the Andes Mountains and the Himalayas are melting faster.It has been found to be the fastest melting ice in 10000 years.The Himalayas supply water to the rivers that flow through the foothills of the Himalayas.If the ice melts like this, there will be a flash flood in those rivers.When the ice sheet disappears, it causes damage to the rivers that depend on it.Many people who depend on the river will suffer.They also have to travel long distances for water.

water scarcity

Melting ice sheets are a global issue

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